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Tell us more I hear you cry...


Well, to say that I fell into Graphic Design wasn't so far from the truth. Rocking up to Clockworx Design in the year 2000 with a broken leg in plaster was how I rolled at the time. Fresh faced and ready for my brain to absorb everything I needed to know about being a 'Graphic Designer'.


Clockworx was an amazing studio, the buzz was like nothing I'd ever felt before. Unlike college, deadlines were more like three hours instead of three months and we didn't even have email yet. PDFs were... well, they weren't. It was a race to get the ideas printed out and in the post for next day delivery to somewhere in London.


Based along side the largest screen printer in the South of the UK, (SPS Print Group) we were privileged enough to work on some fairly hefty brands including Vodafone, Mothercare and L'Oréal to name-drop a few.


We had just the right balance at Clockworx. 20% design and 80% fooling around. We'd even stay behind long after knock-off just to kick a ball around the studio and have a laugh.


Then the inevitable happened, all good things come to an end right... Wrong, we started making good money. Four guys were turning out some serious cash month on month.


Unfortunately, it was all eyes on the design studio and this was a turning point. The studio had to become more efficient and gradually the lust to stay behind and have a laugh became a need to stay and get the job done.


Now I'm not winging, far from it. Long hours come with the job, but I believe you can take anything that's good, up-root it and take it with you. So in September 2008 that's what I did. FKing Creative became a reality. The hours are now flexible, I can take the show on the road (this means procrastinating in the form of a bike ride) and I can give more back to my clients.


I realised, design isn't about being chained to a desk waiting for an idea to be whammed at you through the internet, you need to get out there. Experience things first hand for yourself, do what makes you happy and the ideas will look after themselves.


Designers get writers block too which for us is when your hand physically wont move the mouse into your client folder to root out the next brief, and for me, there's no better cure than a walk with the dogs or a slide on the snowboard with my mates.


That said, I've not missed a deadline yet!

(Touching wood).


Please take a minute to look through my portfolio because in my game, pictures speak louder than words. I trust you'll like what you see and get in touch soon.


So that's it, enough about me. Tell us about yourself!




End credits:


Teri Smith - for being one of the greatest guys you could ever hope to meet. I owe him my attention to detail and how not to lead by example. Good on ya Nutterz.


Dan Smith - for teaching me about having courage in your creative ideas and how to be confident in a pitch situation.


Gav Collins - persevering with my questions about Photoshop and showing me that the good ideas aren't always the obvious ones and to think differently.


Julie Pitcher - Love of my life, FKing Creative partner and mum to our naughty little boy Marley.


And - Everyone I've met through my career so far who has been a bloody good mate!

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