What is cross-media marketing?


Well, it is what it says it is and it works across a range of media. Web, mobile, video and good old fashioned print but that's kind of miss-leading.


We like to think of it as marketing to just one person.


But isn't that expensive and let's face it, if that person isn't interested then a waste of money too?

Actually no, getting a bespoke marketing piece off the ground is a lot easier than you think.


You may think that you have a good database and every month you send out a great e-shot that get's a good click though rate and that keeps the boss smiling, but what if your efforts were ten times more likely to be acted upon by your customers?


What if, their emails were personalised and their previous activity was represented visually in the emails you send? What if the web pages they visit are bespoke to them? What if they watched a YouTube video and their Facebook profile pic was part of the moving image? Their heads would probably pop off with excitement!!


Sounds like magic... it's more like virtual science!


All of this is within reach today. If you currently have a database of names and contact info, you're even closer to getting better results for your budget.

If you're starting afresh, don't worry, we have some mega ideas to get you started.


Give me a shout today and I'll talk you through how it works in more detail.

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